Strategic Plan: 2023-2025

Strengthening Our Community

Here at Mainstay, our team is dedicated to our mission to provide housing and care for those in need. At every level, we have people who are personally invested and use their time to make a meaningful difference in the lives of the people we serve. 

This strategic plan – Strengthening Our Community – sets the foundation for us to continue to develop our mission and build a community with residents, clients, neighbors, family, friends, and other organizations.

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The Past Five Years

The past five years have been a period of incredible change for everyone. From managing a global pandemic to significant changes in nearly every sector of society, many things have changed for our team, partners, and clients. 

Still, Mainstay has taken every opportunity to succeed and achieve greater opportunities to care for our community. In the last five years, we have:

  • Assumed providing services for collaborative living programs in 7 houses serving up to 70 adults with extra needs every day
  • Maximized organizational and staffing efficiency, while also increasing compensation for direct care workers by 20%
  • Secured new opportunities for growth, including new partnerships with the state Department of Developmental Services and nonprofit organizations, such as Backyard Growers and Lovin’ Spoonfuls
  • Secured $515k worth of energy efficiency upgrades for our portfolio of 16 buildings
  • Expanded our ownership and property management portfolio by acquiring a supportive housing residence in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Boston
  • Hired a full-time asset manager to work alongside our housing services team to ensure greater financial stability and efficiency as well as higher revenues
  • Maintained portfolio-wide occupancy levels at over 90%, including during the Covid-19 pandemic, by focusing on sound public health principles
  • Formed a staff Leadership Team of six professionals with over 100 years of management experience among them
  • Recruited a highly qualified CPA to oversee our $4.5M budget 
  • Modernized systems and practices to increase efficiency, including updating software, shifting to a paperless environment, downsizing our administrative offices by more than 50%, and allowing our administrative staff to work remotely

These accomplishments come thanks to the support of our community and the strength of our team. We aim to continue forward with this resilience and hope in the next three years and the many more to come as well.

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In-Home Services

Mainstay’s In-Home Services is meant to provide care for individuals with disabilities, as well as elderly people who wish to live more stable, independent lives. Our registered nurses and social workers assist with their unique, day-to-day needs. 

In the next three years, we will:

  • Invest in staff training and quality program offerings
  • Become accredited through Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARFTM)
  • Pursue further opportunities for sustainable growth and improvement

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Housing Services

Mainstay’s Supportive Housing Services are for young adults and adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities to experience long-term, stable, supportive living environments. Our team manages and provides privately-owned homes for residents and works with them and their families to encourage and support the highest quality of life and level of independence for our clients.

In the next three years, we will:

  • Continue to expand our portfolio through the acquisition of existing buildings as well as pursuing new development
  • Expand our property management portfolio
  • Renovate and upgrade buildings to better suit current and future needs

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Mainstay Growth

The administrative side of Mainstay is equally important to ensure the successful management of our properties and the care of our teams. From financial practices to operational efficiency, we continue to optimize Mainstay to create the most impact for our clientele.

As such, in the next three years, we will:

  • Continue to improve efficiency and maintain best practices
  • Expand financial management services
  • Support private fundraising through grants and donation

Creating Change in Our Industry & Beyond

Serving our community includes advocating for them as well. 

From securing funding flexibility for resident families during COVID to engaging in important conversations around policy in our industry, Mainstay is committed to being a pillar in our field. Not only will our efforts focus on social issues that expand our own impact, but also those that impact our clients, residents, frontline staff, and the non-profit field overall. 

We vow to advocate for the needs of all these people and include them as stakeholders in the process.

In the next three years, we aim to add more members to our Board of Trustees and will consciously work to ensure that our Board reflects the communities we serve. 

Mainstay strives to create a community where all members and potential members feel welcomed and valued. To that end, we will systematically review and improve our policies, practices, training, and activities. 

This is not a one-time project or one that will live only on paper, but a daily practice and way of considering the world and our place in it.