Strategic Plan: 2023-2025

Strengthening Our Community

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The Next Three Years

The need for programs like ours is great, and we are building our capacity to make sure that all people live in safe housing, neighborhoods and communities, with the supports and services necessary to live their best possible lives. We are expanding our portfolio of affordable, supportive, permanent housing and broadening where we provide top-notch, individualized home care services.

We will also:

  • Continue to expand our portfolio through acquisition of existing buildings as well as pursuing new development
  • Expand our property management portfolio
  • Renovate and upgrade buildings to better suit current and future needs

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Supportive Housing & Property Management

We currently own and manage 236 units in our 15 affordable housing programs, serving 236 residents who are elderly, and those who are challenged by developmental and behavioral health issues.

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Property Management

We currently have contracts with 3 organizations to manage 5 properties serving 32 residents with developmental or behavioral health challenges. We also manage the units we own. Over the next three years we will expand our property management business, bringing our total property management portfolio to at least 425 units.

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Housing Expansion

The need for high quality affordable housing for vulnerable populations continues to grow. Mainstay is committed to taking the initiative, as well as to responding to opportunities to grow our housing portfolio. We will expand our affordable housing with supportive services models. We will have a minimum of 75 new units of housing in development, completed or acquired over the next 3 years.

This past year we partnered with the Town of Spencer, MA and the Women’s Institute for Housing and Economic Development to begin the planning and financing to convert an un-used school in Spencer into affordable housing for the elderly. This housing, projected to open by 2021, will be comprised of one bedroom apartments, offer a range of activities, and be served by Mainstay’s supportive home care services.

Housing Preservation

We will capitalize on the value of our existing housing portfolio, better serving residents and unlocking the value of our properties, by:

  • Making improvements to our housing; extending its life and improving resident experience
  • Converting properties to cutting edge housing models as opportunities arise
  • Partnering to develop food gardens and outdoor spaces that improve quality of life

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Supportive Home Care Services

Mainstay has been providing supportive home care since 1999, under the auspices of RSSI (Residential Support Services Inc.), now a part of Mainstay. In 2018, we served 125 clients every day, providing long-term, individualized care and support for the elderly and those with disabilities.

Working collaboratively, Mainstay Home Care’s team of Registered Nurses, Social Workers, Certified Nursing Assistants and Home Health Aides deliver a wide array of services. We provide clients and their families with the assurance that they will receive the personal care and attention they need; and the guidance and support to promote well-being by supporting their physical and emotional health. We support our elderly clients aging in place and we ensure that those with disabilities can lead their best possible lives in their homes or homelike settings.

Our home care services are most often paid for by public funding streams designed to support the care of vulnerable populations, by health insurance, and also by families who in some cases pay for services directly.

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Growing Our Services and Care

In summer of 2018, Mainstay had the opportunity and the honor to become the service provider and onsite manager of seven private suburban neighborhood homes housing and serving 70 young adults and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. This top quality housing is professionally staffed by Mainstay, and we provide meals and meal support, home care services, and transportation, and work with families and other supports to optimize the quality of life for residents.

We have learned so much this year about the expanding need for our person-centered home care services. Our home care tool box includes medical care support (medication and diet compliance, obtaining and following through with care), assistance with daily living (dressing and bathing, cleaning, grocery shopping, meal preparation), transportation, and more.

Over the next three years, we will at minimum double the number of clients served by our top-notch home care services. We will expand our home care population by:

  • Serving more residents in our affordable housing programs
  • Expanding our services for adults with developmental and cognitive disabilities, as well as for the elderly, providing services in group care settings and also serving clients in their homes, improving quality of life and relieving families of carrying the full responsibility for care
  • Adding respite services to our menu of services available

We will remain open to serving additional populations.

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