Spotlighting Mainstay Supportive Housing Families: Robbie Smith



Robbie Smith is a busy guy. He works two part-time jobs, has a girlfriend and performs lots of chores at his Mainstay supportive home in Norwood.

“I usually make my own breakfast and lunch, and the staff makes dinner,” Robbie said. “Last night we had bacon burgers.”

Building Confidence & Independence with Supportive Living 

Robbie is 39 years old and has an intellectual disability. For the past 12 years, he has lived at the home operated by Mainstay Supportive Housing and Home Care, a nonprofit providing housing and home-based services in Massachusetts. 

“I’ve gotten more independent,” said Robbie, listing the chores he performs as a resident of Norwood’s supportive housing program. 

“I do my own laundry. I put my sheets in the wash. I can figure out what I need when I go food shopping. I keep my room clean. On Mondays, I put out the trash. On Tuesdays, I sweep the floor.”

Home-Based Services with Comfort in Mind 

Robbie’s dad Bob appreciates Mainstay’s independent living model that also features home-based services. Our friendly team of  live-in staff are onsite overnight, and during the evening weekdays and weekends for extra support when needed.

“They really do help you learn how to live on your own,” said Bob. “Robbie has much more confidence in himself.”

Bob also likes how beautiful his son’s home is. “The facilities are kept up wonderfully and the staff is great,” he said. 

Robbie likes the camaraderie with his housemates. “We all know each other and hang around. We go bowling, we go to the mall. The staff will take you. If I’m not working, I usually go for walks.”

“It’s a nice place to go for walks,” Bob added about the location of the Mainstay Supportive Home in Norwood Center. “You can walk right into the center of town.”

Robbie’s family lives nearby and stops by a couple times a week. He comes home, too, for holidays and long weekends. 

Knowing that Robbie is able to live independently at the house run by Mainstay – with staff there to support him if he needs it – is a big comfort to Robbie’s family.

“It means a lot to us. I’m not going to be here forever and now he has a place to stay. It’s nice to know that he’ll have a place there,” Bob said, confirming what Robbie says about his Mainstay supportive home. “It’s a happy place to live.”

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